SkåneGuide - for a better experience with an authorized guide

SkåneGuide is an independant, professional, non-profit association for authorized guides in Skåne. The association was founded in 1998.

The association has about 40 members. All of the them have a good basic knowledge of Skåne, but they are also specialists in different areas.

Many of the guides have a long experience of welcoming guests and apart from Swedish we guide in Danish, English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

The SkåneGuides offer many different servces. For Example:

  • City tours – by bus or foot
  • Guided bus trips with different themes
  • Transfer guidings, where we meet your guests at their arrival and bring them to you while they get a guided tour
  • Guided nature walks
  • Guided tours by bike
  • Tailor-made guidings by bus or by foot
  • Talks and lectures about present and/or historical Skåne

To guarantee the quality of our guides, we continuously up-date our knowledge by attending lectures and making educational visits. We also attend annual courses in First Aid and CPR.

Here you can choose a guide in your own language

More about SkåneGuide

SkåneGuide is a member of the following organizations:

SveGuide (Swedish Tourist Guide Association) 
Inter-Nordic Guide Club ( Tourist Guides in the Nordic Countries)
F.E.G. European Federation of Tourist Guides Associations 

SkåneGuide is cooperating with 
Studiefrämjandet  (a Swedish Educational Association)

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