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National Guide Licensing
The aim of Visita and SveGuide has been to guarantee the guides’ competence through validation and licensing, so that clients and visitors can be assured of what to expect when they hire a guide who holds a national license. Since many today work as guides without possessing formal competence, this is quality assurance. Guides who have fulfilled the knowledge required for a validation have been granted a guide license as a professional certification. They have also been provided with a badge, valid for a five years, as a certificate to use when exercising their profession.
On this website, the names of the guides who hold a national license are marked with the following logo:

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Since all guidings are tailor-made to each customer’s requirements we don’t have a fixed hourly rate. When you contact or any individual guide you will receive an offer for the guiding you are interested in.

Terms and conditions in Swedish, English, German and Spanish:

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